Sigolène CHAVANE

After 17 years as team manager in sales and marketing, Sigolène decided to study Human System Engineering in order to provide change management support to individuals and businesses. In her coaching and consulting missions, she perceives companies as living systems. She is particularly interested in trying to develop sustainable corporate performance in terms of management and leadership. Convinced that diversity and cooperation lead to actual results, she is willing to act in favour of gender equality.


Églantine is an academic who has specialised in the field of gender studies. She is mainly working on discrimination and on the struggle for women to access spheres of power. She wants to raise the awareness of the corporate world and of educational institutions that gender stereotypes are counter-productive and should be challenged. She believes that gender balance is an asset in terms of management and performance and wishes to help organisations evolve towards that goal and improve their efficiency. As a lecturer and an author, she also provides her skills in oral and written communication.

Marielle Vérot

Marielle today works inprofessional training, consulting and human development. With a 10-year experience in group dynamics, she delivers change management and career management support. As an HR consultant, she has developed personal and inter-personal communication skills which help people connect with their different senses and with their conscious and unconscious behaviours. She provides tools to help individual and collective talents flourish and to develop autonomy.